Amsterdam 2016

200m European Champion
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Portada Marca - Bruno Hortelano  

Amsterdam 2016 was my second time representing Spain at the European Championships, but the first time I felt truly prepared to perform well. Throughout the championships, I felt extremely confident in the training I had done and in the plan I had devised with my team.


My main preoccupation in Amsterdam was to separate myself from the high-pressure environment that had developed around me during the weeks leading up to the championships. I sought to take advantage of that pressure as a way to mentally elevate myself. I recall feeling more pressure in the 100m, so I decided instead to face the 200m with peace of mind. I was well aware of the work I had put in, and I knew that if I just enjoyed the experience the results would follow.

Fun fact:

I ended up crossing the finish line in second place, celebrating it with the immense joy of having won a medal for my country. It wasn’t until after the victory lap, in the pressroom, when I found out during a live interview that the winner had been disqualified, and as a consequence I had been promoted to champion. The resulting video went viral around the world.


I was European Champion in the 200m, and 4th in the 100m. It was my first time running in the final of either event.